Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Belegarth's new PR position

It looks like Belegarth is about to add a PR position to the BoD, which is a great step forward in my mind. Suddenly, the piles of suggestions on how to make Belegarth a better, more marketable entity will have an ear, and hopefully a pair of hands to complete them. I already have a long list of PR and communication projects written up that I would like to see prioritized, and I’m excited to have a forum to present them.

But probably because of that long list, the numerous projects I have completed, and my over-enthusiasm about Belegarth, I was recently asked if I would run for the position myself. I still haven’t decided if I feel like I’m the correct person for the job, but it made me think: If I were to handle the PR of Belegarth, where would I start?

I think the first order of business would be branding. Belegarth needs a united brand desperately if we ever want to hold sway as organizations like the SCA do. That means not only in look and feel, but in our message about what Beelgarth is. Everyone gets something different out of it, sure, but that doesn’t mean we can’t build an identity that is unique from the other games out there. Personally, I’d like to see the emphasis go towards “sport”, but I expect there will be many different opinions on the matter.

So after that, where do we go? There is a plethora of work and the skills required for each type are completely different, minus a good sense of organization. I think I would need to bring several more people on board as a team to handle it. Here are some of the branches as I see it:

Paper Marketing
Flyers, business cards, heralding guides, car decals, and printed copies of the BoW are all examples of things that could be created. This covers getting these made and distributed for individual realms as well as the BMCS itself as needed.

Social Media
In charge of keeping all social media outlets on point, on message, and fresh. There is a lot of content-generation required in this job, and they may need to outsource some of it. If a blog is ultimately created, they would be in charge of making sure it is maintained and edited appropriately, tracking down guest-writers and getting photos or war stories from events.

Intra-Realm Communications
This is basically the realm coordinator. They would be responsible for communicating WC decisions and issues to all realms and maintaining their contact information. They would also spearhead efforts to create a better system of support between the realms and figure out what web tools are required. They would probably work closely with whoever is working on Social Media, because they should be starting to centralize how events are marketed as well.

Web Properties

Belegarth most notably has the website and wiki, and this person would work directly with the Webmaster to determine what is feasible to change. They would need to dictate priorities per the need of Belegarth, not only going through a basic redesign, but determining the cost and value of having new applications build to support realms, events, etc.

Videos are an amazing tool that any web-based marketing can use, but there is a certain level of quality required. This person would not only figure out what videos should be made (e.g. marketing, teaching, event footage) and who can make them, but enforce a series of standards that make videos good enough to be “Belegarth Official”. They would need to meet a certain quota of videos a year.

Demos and External Opportunities
Documentaries, local charities, cons, and other exhibitions. This person is all about organizing official venues for Belegarth to be shown to the world and hand-picking the right people to be the “face” during these events. As the other parts of the PR job come into line, this position would become busier and busier.

So what does this leave the actual PR coordinator to do? To project manage. They need to take all the suggestions from the community, prioritize them, get them to the right people, and make sure they are completed. They should be aware of what is going on in every branch, regularly speaking to all the realm leaders (not just the WC), and keep a pulse on Belegarth’s desires and needs. They will remain the point of contact for everything, offering advice and support to specific realms as needed.

So there you have it. I guess if I were to run, this would be my platform and promise to Belegarth: I will work tirelessly to create a more unified image of Belegarth, finally beginning the creation of official tools realms need to be successful. I will strive to listen to not just the loudest voices, but all who are part of Belegarth and find what common ground I can so that we can expand more successfully. I will do as I always have and see projects through to completion - I never promise what I cannot finish.

Still, if I do not run or do not win, I hope whoever does will be willing to use my drive to help them. This is a good thing for Belegarth, and I’m excited to see what it can do.


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