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Typecasting male event-goers

An overview of some of the men you will meet if you go to a Belegarth event. What type(s) are you?

The Creeper - “Your garb is really pretty. Can I touch it?”
The man who hides behind the cowl of social awkwardness to excuse his inappropriate behavior. He's uncomfortably forward, overly friendly, and invites himself into your conversations and personal space. Don't be this guy - everyone hates this guy.

The White Knight - “Sure, I’d be happy to spar with you. Just let me finish weapons check.”
Have a question or need a hand at an event? The White Knight is right there for anything you could need. He's usually extremely busy, but will go out of his way to make the event as amazing as it can be. Just be careful not to push his good nature too far or he might become a Grumpy Old Man one day.

The Black Knight - “What do you want?”
This guy has been around for a long time and is very skilled, but he's not really interested in helping anyone else. Short-tempered and perpetually annoyed by the attitudes of his brethren, the Black Knight won't get in the way, but has no tolerance for stupidity. It's easy for these guys to have both a good reputation and bad reputation at the same time, depending on how long someone has known them.

The Stick Jock - “Why is everyone still asleep? Don’t they want to fight?”
It's all about the fighting for him. He may not be any good at it, but it's his only focus at an event whether it's morning, noon, or night. The Stick Jock's biggest pet peeves are delays to the event starting and people turning in too early. He's perpetually eager for classes, sparring, and talking shop.

The Grumpy Old Man - “Archers aren't people.” 
He's seen every stupid idea, every nasty personality, every poorly enforced rule, and somehow come out the other side still involved in Belegarth. His patience is thin and countenance is intimidating, but befriending him reveals a fount of wisdom, sarcasm, and hilarious war stories. An offering of booze can help speed up that process.

The Clueless - “Should I have brought a tent or something?”
The idea of planning is so unfamiliar to the Clueless that he barely even remembered his own gear. He's a marvel of obliviousness so enthralling that others can't help but take pity on him. The Clueless who never learns not to depend on the good will of others is how Black Knights are born.

The Drunkard - “Ugh, I’m too hungover. I'm going back to my tent.” 
This guy had the best intentions to get out on the field during unit battles, but that third shot of mystery drink the night before did him under. The Drunkard is a blast when the sun goes down but often leaves his friends wanting the next day at fighting.

The Self-Appointed Badass - "I spent twelve years studying six different kinds of martial arts, and my sensei said I was the best in the class. I think I know a thing or two about fighting."
This guy is different from the Stick Jock in that he isn't serious about learning to be good at Belegarth. The Self-Appointed Badass's ego is more impressive than his fighting could ever be. While White Knights might patiently listen to his tall tales, Stick Jocks and Black Knights will try to embarrass him on the field every chance they get.

The Bodyguard - “Just keep walking.” 
Usually a big guy, the Bodyguard watches out for people when they're on or off the field. For many female Belegrim, these guys are the big brother types who handle the worst of the Creepers. They're great at stopping fights, and despite their stature, rarely need to use anything but the force of their personality to do so.

Photo © Ellie Apland

The Roleplayer - "Good day and well met. How fares the battlefield this fine morning?"
The guys who are serious about building a character are rare, and the result can just as easily be amazing as embarrassing. Talking with them is like being at a renaissance faire or in a movie. Just beware the ones who expect you to play along, or you might be in for a very painful afternoon.

The Newbie - “Hey, can I dual-wield axes?” 
They've got boundless energy, but a tenuous grasp on the rules and questionable common sense. It can be trying, but a little patience and indulgence goes a long way as they find their own role within Belegarth. If they're willing to learn, they'll make a great addition to the field one day.

Looking for more? There's a female version, too.

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  1. How did the Knights of Numenor collectively become the grumpy old men? Stupid archers...


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