Saturday, March 29, 2014

Typecasting female event-goers

An overview of some of the women you will meet if you go to a Belegarth event. What type(s) are you?

The Feminist - “I am woman, watch me fight!”

She is all about her other ladies, battling for equality within Belegarth. The Feminist can be found trying to pull other women together around her, forming strong bonds of sisterhood. She isn’t usually a man-hater, but can sometimes come across as over-sensitive when surrounded by so many guys.

The Dude - “Sisterhood? I prefer brothers-in-arms.”

This girl would rather be known as one of the boys. She doesn’t need to be good at fighting, but shuns the ‘girl-power’ notions of the Feminist. The Dude can usually be found with her guy friends, laughing about fighting or the sensitivity of other women.

The Dagor-ho - “Does this corset make my boobs look too big?”

The one who doesn’t bring her own tent, sure she can find a place to stay with so many men around. The Dagor-ho doesn’t need to be classically pretty; she knows she can use her femininity and too-tight garb to get what she wants. Many of the other men and women dislike her, seeing her behavior as hurting their sport or their gender.

The Unicorn - “Why yes, I am single.”

This woman is beautiful, smart and can fight well, yet somehow remains unattached. Both men and women are afraid to approach her because she seems too good to be true. The Unicorn remains completely oblivious to her own rare nature, just enjoying herself while fighting and socializing with friends.

The Cheerleader - “I love fighting! Everyone should play!”

She is the undying optimist, who adores Belegarth and fighting even if she’s not good at it. The Cheerleader wants to include everyone in her fun and will never stop talking about why they should try fighting. You can count on her to rally the troops for any Belegarth event, using her overwhelming enthusiasm as a weapon.

The Archer - “Boys are stupid, shoot arrows at them.”

A very specific type of fighter, the Archer only uses a bow on the field. She usually has a sharp eye and wicked sense of humor, happy to shoot annoying combatants in the face or groin. She is also friends with the other female archers, so be careful before you cross one lest they all decide you need to die a painful death.

The Camp Mom - “When was the last time you had some water?”

Also known as the one who keeps the fighters alive. She always has food, water, and a first aid kit at the ready because she knows fighters won’t remember those things until it’s too late. The Camp Mom is also often in charge of cooking dinner, and no one is better loved as soon as fighting ends.

The Mundane - “I can’t believe he talked me into this.”

This woman is usually a significant other, but could also just be a friend of another Belegrim. She comes along for the ride without too much complaint but is secretly wondering how she ended up with all these weirdos. Still, the Mundane is often friendly, trying to keep on good terms with the natives before they turn on her.

The Party Girl - “I was so wasted, I got kicked out of four different camps last night.”

The one who lives for the night life. She drinks early and often, wandering from camp to camp all evening. The next morning, the Party Girl will always have raunchy stories to brag about, while everyone else wonders why she’s proud of losing her bra between Hellhammer Camp and her tent.

The Amazon - “Whatever, I just want to fight.”

The female equivalent of a stick jock, the Amazon only cares about fighting and fighting well. She can come in both Feminist and Dude varieties, finding her motivation for combat outside of her gender identity. She spends her free time at events sparring, uninterested in other activities.

Looking for more? There's a male version, too.


  1. LOL! this is amazing. and so very true. I've been a "Mundane” for about four years and I've seen all of these different stories happen out on the field.

    1. So happy to see you enjoying a blog like this, then! It's good to know that some "Mundanes" enjoy going to events with their friends enough to come back to more.


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