About Me

Hi there, I'm Kristina Grenier, better known by my mundane nickname "Kri" or my fighting name "Shrike". I've been an active member of Belegarth since about 2007. I started at the University of Illinois, known as Numenor  in the Belegarth world, and have moved back to Chicago's north shore area since graduating. My husband and I stay busy with the realms up here, doing what we can to raise the next generation of fighters.

I have been a non-com since I first started due to some bad experiences and poor timing, but I've never shied away from hard work.  I've made belt flags, crafted garb, sewn banners, run events, run troll, run camp, heralded, made armor, designed symbols, painted shields, built weapons, and more. Since my move, I've grown even more interested in supporting Belegarth at the national level instead of a realm level.

Still, hard work and dedication only go so far when you're not a fighter. I hope to change that, not by shifting the spotlight from fighting, but by building a stronger relationship between the fighters on the field and those who support them, including their fellow fighters. I also want fighters to become advocates for their non-fighting brethren because we are all Belegrim, and we all depend on each other for a great experience. If that means I have to step out of their shadow? I guess I'll just have to find a way.

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